water type of product certification

Energy saving products which are consistent with products related to the quality, safety standards, etc., in the community to use with similar products or products that perform the same tasks as compared to its efficiency or energy consumption indicators are comparable with international standards or reach the domestic advanced level.

Energy saving product certification is based on relevant standards and technical requirements, product certification body recognized by the energy and Plastic Water Meter energy-saving products certification through the enactment and energy saving flag, that a particular product for the activities of energy-saving products.

Type of energy-efficient products certification

1.Office and audio and video equipment: printers and printer / fax machines, fax machines, copiers, computers, monitors, digital projectors, digital multi-functional office equipment, television sets, switching power supply, external power supply, DVD / VCD and so on.

2.Household electrical appliances: room air conditioners, refrigerators, electric washing machines, microwave ovens, water heaters, automatic rice cooker, induction cooker, range hood, cell-type room air conditioners, chillers, drinking fountains, lithium bromide chillers, variable frequencyair conditioning, water source heat pump, multi-line, heat pump water heater, solar water heater, gas cooker and so on.

3.Lighting Products: tube-type fluorescent lamp ballasts, high pressure sodium lamp, double-ended fluorescent lamps, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp, single-ended fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, metal halide ballast


4. Electromechanical products: low-voltage distribution Buck Saver, Motor Power Saver light load voltage, air compressors, small and medium three-phase AC induction motor, Water meters, fan, transformer, AC power system traps, electrical fittings, etc.;

 5. Building energy-saving products: construction of windows, insulating glass, coated glass, polystyrene foam plastic insulation sheet with a mold, insulation using extruded polystyrene foam sheet, powder particles.

 6. Car: fuel-efficient cars and so on.

7. New energy product: solar products, solar water heaters.


Types of water-saving product certification


1. Industrial water-saving products: micro-hydro equipment, air-cooled type (water, air) heat exchangers, cooling towers, heat exchangers within the Youth Pre-film, organic heat carrier furnace, soaked red type washing machine, self-cleaning water filters, ammonia refrigeration devices watering condenser, condensate wave sets of equipment, condensate return water control system closed, plumbing valve with internal thread connection, heating angle valve, flange and wafer butterfly valve, rubber seal , IC card cold water meter, water resources management system, residual ammonia monitoring control device, flocculation fluctuation of transmitted light detector, flow measurement and control instrument current Coagulation Drug Administration, hot water, water treatment chemicals, water treatment agent 2 - phosphate - 1,2,4 - trihydroxy butane, water treatment agent isothiazolone derivatives, water treatment agent acrylic - acrylic copolymer, water treatment equipment, ion exchange pure water equipment, wheel blast furnace slag granulation equipment, power station coal-fired boiler slagging dry equipment, water supply and use of polyethylene pipes, PP pipes and other hot and cold water.

  2. Agricultural Water Saving Products: rotary sprinklers, non-rotating sprinklers, drip irrigation (control), light and small irrigation machine, electric large irrigation machines, Intelligent Surge Irrigation valves, irrigation equipment, filter mesh-type self-cleaning filters.

  3. Non-conventional water resources in product categories: hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, membrane desalination equipment, seawater desalination equipment, reverse osmosis desalination plant, circulating water cooling special water treatment chemicals in water recycling equipment, electronic circuit board washing wastewater recycling equipment, combined sewage treatment and recycling equipment, oil hydrophilic fiber ball filter sparse, rotary Decanter washing device, grate discharge machine, mixer, etc. diving.

4. Urban life (service) water-saving product categories: household washing machines, industrial washing machines, household electric dishwashers, automatic washing wastewater recycling equipment, microcomputer control the steam cleaning machine, tank parts, the whole bathroom, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment , toilet flush valves, shower, faucets, toilet, shower, shower room and so on.