A license key patented technologies intelligent water meter

1, non-contact IC card (Smart Card) technology: The companys patented RF-card technology (patent No.: ZL 00232597.7), application of the wireless transmission of data to thoroughly solve the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-attack problems.

2, zero-power technology (patent number: ZL200420074784.4), automatic power outage technology, the table is less than normal power consumption 0.01A (FJ series 0.5A, and the 0.5A quiescent current of just in order to maintain the work within the chip with a clock ), so that enclosing the battery life greatly improved.

3, the electric suspension valve technology (Patent No.: ZL200420074783.X): using the most modern electric valve technology, reliable operation, a small pressure loss.

4, fully sealed design can work in water bubble technology (patent number: ZL2004300671910): all the lines all the epoxy encapsulation, no exposed electrodes, well suited for harsh environments.

5, anti-LONDON, magnetic attack technology (patent number: ZL2004300671925): When the exterior of strong electric and magnetic attack, smart table will be automatically closed valves and directed.

Suntime card non-contact IC card table and ordinary IC card performance comparison table

Non-contact IC card table

Ordinary IC card table

Moisture resistance:

No exposed electrodes, the circuit all of sealing, moisture-proof performance is good.

Have exposed electrodes, the circuit is only partially sealed, moisture-proof performance is poor, in wet conditions, IC card data errors occur, long-term use of contact will rust and corrosion.


Wireless transmission of data, fully sealed and placed in the water to work properly

To transmit data through the electrodes and can not work in water


The wireless exchange of data, confidentiality, high -

Cable exchange of data, confidentiality, poor


Anti-theft Water:

No exposed electrodes, the external strong electric field can not attack them

With the external electric field (such as lighters, gas cigarette lighter, 220V voltage) pairs of electrodes exposed to attack, easy to make the system paralyzed, while the exterior appears without any trace, allowing users to steal the water becomes extremely simple.



Zero-power technology to ensure the battery life more than a decade.

There are several microamps quiescent power consumption, battery life in general 6-8 years.

Base Table

Italian production line, in line with international standards as a whole table full table purchases, high precision, small starting flow, B scales

Package assembly, low precision


Electric ball valve, no pressure loss, specially designed gear boxes, switch valve torque

Pilot valve

Easy to plug the pilot hole, resulting in water they can not, run out of water lock in limitless


Knocking pipe to open the valve

Ceramic Valve

Pressure loss, easy scaling rust die


Without any direction, there is no contact, wireless transmission of data, easy to use

Directional, there is contact, prone to being exposed, data transmission errors and so on. Inconvenient to use.