Waterproof grease, rubber ring grease

CaidonFC10-002 sealing grease is made from high purity inorganic thickener thickening performance of silicone oil and add a water-resistant, anti-oxidation additives and solid lubricants and other refined synthetic grease with excellent high low temperature resistance, good mechanical stability, oxidation stability, lubricity, sealing, colloidal stability and water resistance, the contact of metal and non-metallic materials without corrosion or damage effect. Is a food grade grease.
 Performance characteristics

 # Excellent high temperature performance, good pressure resistance, not curing, not dissolved, not scattered

 # excellent sealing, adhesion and lubrication, low evaporation losses

 # excellent water resistance, electrical insulation and chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, ozone resistance, resistance to weather aging

 # material adaptability, wide temperature range, temperature range: -40 ~ +200 ≧

 Recommended Applications

 # commonly used in a variety of taps, water meters, valves (ceramic valves and plug valves), Multi Jet Water Meter sanitary equipment and diving supplies lubrication and sealing

 # Suitable for toys, electronics and other plastic and rubber parts, "O"-rings, etc., can play a lasting and stable lubrication, sealing function

 # Suitable for electrical and electronic insulation, sealing the semiconductor, electrical insulators waterproof, anti-conductive, anti-flash pollution, to prevent moisture entering the high-voltage electrical connection systems and electrical equipment to prevent the release and elimination of corona arc, can be used for stripping , waterproof, damping, shock, oxidation, etc.

 # Suitable for plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, metal to metal sealing and lubrication

 Product Common names:

 Sealing grease, sealing grease, sealing grease, silicone grease, high temperature grease, silicon grease, waterproof grease, lubricating grease seal, grease seal, grease seals, grease valves, valve sealing grease , valve seal grease, water-resistant grease, Piston (Volumetric) Water Meter sealing grease, water lubricating grease, lubricating grease, food grade waterproof grease, grease insulation, electrical insulation grease