Seized counterfeit meter

WASHINGTON (correspondent Wulin Fang) Changde Police After careful investigation, Multi Jet Water Meter the city succeeded in lighting Mawangdui destroyed a water meter sales counterfeiting case, the scene seized suspected counterfeit "Changde" inferior brand more than 600 meters only. The fake water meter in appearance with the formal business also difficult to distinguish between true and false. August 31, police on suspicion of selling counterfeit and shoddy goods according to the law of sin and Huang Zhou execution of the arrest.

 In June, Changde City Public Security Detachment received a report that someone in the Mawangdui production and sales of lighting the city failed "Changde" brand water meter. Changde City Public Security Detachment immediately organized verification of clues, meticulous arrangements, the police first arrived Mawangdui lighting the city, reported sales of Changsha Kingsway Building Materials Business Department launched a secret investigation and evidence gathering, and master and lock the business Department at below regular manufacturers' Changde "brand water meter 50% of the sales price for big, serious damage to the economic interests of producers and against the" Changde "brand water meter brand intellectual property. In Changsha, the strong cooperation of the police, Changde City Public Security police officers and Lighting in Mawangdui, Changsha City, this hanging signs Kingsway Building Materials Business Department warehouse, not only seized on the spot marked "Water Meter Co., Ltd. Hunan Changde" production the fake "Changde" brand shoddy meter only 30 cases totaling more than 600, also seized a large drop in the warehouse, "Changde" brand water meter boxes, etc.,  Woltmann Water Meter the police immediately be seized.

 According to Zhou, the suspect confessed, the police and Raoping County in Guangdong Province and the other suspects Hwang arrest. Under questioning, the suspect Zhou and Hwang in recent years, the duo were selling counterfeit and shoddy "Changde" brand water meter more than 600 boxes, 6000, involving 30 million worth confessed to the crime.