Reducing Your Water Bills With a Water Meter

Water is must for us and we can't survive without it, however the growing population has made it difficult for the authorities to supply adequate water for all. In this scenario, Water meter as users we should take some concrete steps to reduce the consumption of water as much as possible. Saving water helps not only in reducing bills but it also conserves the environment.

The key advantage one could obtain with a water meter is that the bill will be charged against the actual use. Normally before, the same amount of bill is charged to all irrespective of the quantity consumed. So installation of a water meter encourages families to take genuine measures to make key lifestyle changes which involves taking a shower instead of having a bath, flushing the toilet less regularly, turning off the tap while brushing teeth, avoiding the use of a garden sprinkler system, fitting a new washer on dripping taps, using the washing machine or dish washer only when there is a full load and many other such steps. These will in the process minimize consumption and save money.

As per experts the average metered water bill is $445 in comparison to $535 for that of unmetered bill. The stats reveal that water meter can bring about 20% savings in monthly bill. This saving is brought by the conscious effort put forward by the users to save water and the environment.

The studies by the Environmental Agencies have shown that the ground water levels are the lowest in 20 years. The average family use of water in developed countries is 153 liters of water everyday whereas their developing counterparts are contented with only 20 liters a day. Since we use the water more it is our responsibility to save it.