One Sheet Multi-Card Meter

A table for multiple IC cards, credit card after the water supply, water recorded in the respective IC card, use more water pay more, so as to bring the water conservation.
This product is suitable for shower control, public water control, pure water and hot water supply situations.

The valve, water meter, controller design as a whole, according to the amount of water billing, compact structure, small size, easy installation, usually 15 caliber.

Split timing-based control system for water

Split timing-type of water controlBy the controller, solenoid valve composition, according to water the length of time for billing purposes.

Split type water control system for measuring

Split type water control measuresBy the controller, solenoid valve, water meter composed of letters, according to the amount of water to conduct billing, use more water pay more.

Monitoring machine power supply (area 1) power (around 10)

The system can monitor the unit via network, real-time monitoring of water usage, report the loss of IC cards, restrictions on the blacklist to restrict consumption. The system must complete the safety DC power supply, the company supporting the supply area of one area of 12 kinds of power.