Objective of a Water Meter

Single Jet Water Meter , Multi Jet Water Meter , Plastic Water Meter

Water meter are used to determine how much water a customer uses and how much the customer should pay, based on usage.

    Types of Meters

  1. The most common type is the straight-reading meter which records usage, usually in gallons or cubic feet. The usage total accumulates and is not reset. Older meters with separate dials are generally considered to be obsolete.

    Manual Reading

  2. The meter can read manually by the client, who then mails in the information. More commonly, a meter reader goes to each address and uses a handheld computer to record the information.

    Automated Reading

  3. Automated reading systems are increasing in number. A radio attached to the meter transmits the reading to a central computer system. This reduces human error, prevents fraud and saves on labor costs.

    Other Uses

  4. You can conserve water by comparing your usage on different days and making sure you don't have leaks. If your meter still turns when you turn off all your taps, there's probably a leak.