Non-contact IC Card Cold Water Meter


Non-contact IC card cold water on the table in the cold water pipe used to measure water flow, while automatic charge function. User charges for water and to the management, management will purchase water into IC card, IC card users will enter information into meter, the meter will automatically open valve water supply, water use in the user process, the water meter in the micro-computer automatically subtract the remainder the amount of purchased water used up, the meter will be automatically closed valves and water, the user need to re-purchase of water can be re-opened after the water supply valve.


1, using patented non-contact IC card technology, the meter outer wall using wireless transmission of data to solve a waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-attack problems.
2, the zero-power patented technology, so that included greatly improved battery life to ensure that the use of 8 years.
3, the electric suspension valve patented technologies: with anti-lock, non-fouling characteristics, can achieve a small pressure loss, wear and tear is small, power consumption, anti-corrosion, anti-clogging effect.
4, valve automatic sewage, blockades, anti-rust technology: automatic switching valve timing action, the effective use of water caused by pipeline pressure instantaneous momentum, to achieve the automatic sewage valve to prevent valve rust die, scaling phenomena .
5, fully sealed design: all the lines all the epoxy resin sealed, no exposed electrodes, and good sealing.
6, anti-wire services, magnetic attack techniques: When the strong from the outside to conduct electricity, magnetism attack, the meter will automatically off valve.