Large-diameter non-contact IC card water meter

There DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150 and other caliber to choose from, quantities of water purchased through the RF-IC card input table, water meter valves automatically open water after use automatically without water. The water meter for the split-type structure, by the water control, all-electric water valve and meter composed of letters.


1, AC 220V, and back-up battery power at the same time, when the power outage, a backup battery can be automatically put into operation; when the back-up battery is low self-closing valve.
2, man-made destruction of automatic alarm and automatically close the valve.
3, when the user purchased the remaining capacity of 20 tons of water, the controller auto-off valve alarm, prompts the user to buy water, when the brush again to resume the water supply after a user card.
4, in the water meter valve is closed immediately after the attack, only when the sale of water meters in the water sector only after checking the water supply valve to open.
5, in the purchase of water is used up, after the closure of the valve if the controller can still receive the letter issued by the count meter signal, then the controller displays the remaining amount of water will be negative and re-auto-off valve.
6, with a timer switch valve function, effectively prevent the long-term due to the valve switch and the rust is not the phenomenon of death.