Lager Caliber Water Meters

Woltman wet-dial water meter
Rotary-vane wet-dial water meter
Woltman dry-dial water meter
Woltman hot water meter

LXLR-80C/E-200C/E Thia water meter is only measuring hot water conduit , featuring large capacty ,low price and so on .

LXL-80C/E-200C/E This water meter is designess by absorbing the advanced structure,low priceand so on.The counterof LXL-F series water meter is sealed with a specialliquid , whichcan keep the reading clear in a long term

LXS-80C-150C The water meter is of rationalstucture and design , accurate metering , big flow rate , low rate pressure loss,ease of application and maintenance ,"E" type indicates that the meter is indicated with number wheel,which give distinct and conce-nlent resdng .

LXL-80G-200G The water meter is made withcomplete techonlogy from Germany , has won the National GoldPrise for High-Quality Products,The structure of the meter isdetach-able.When it is reparied,it is unnecessary to remove the meter from the pipe , just take the core of the meter for repairing or replacement .The cou-
nter is seal in a brass box, with clera reading, good universality of the measuring mechanism, and longservice life. Anouther advantage of this water meter is that the pressure loss is less than 0.01Mpa,
only one tenth of the rotaryvane water meter. It is the fist choice for she water supply enterprise to save energy .

Technival date LXL LXLG LXLR Type

This water meter is mainly used to measure the total volume of the ruinning water flowing through the running the pipes, suitable to the single way flow. Don¡¯t use this water meter for hot water,viscous liiquid or corrosive liquid. The main characterristics of this water meter are large flowing capacity and small pressure loss, espencially suitable for the water measuring in main water supply pipes, large enterprise, minnes.Meanwhile,in accordance with the features of various industires,it can bi used to measure the indusyrial production and technological process.

¶ş¡¢Principle of Structure
This water meter mainly consists of outcase ,measuing part (vane wheel),reduction and indication mechanism.The outcase is made of cast iron. Corrosion proof sleeve is inlayed in the measuring part of the vane wheel, and the plastic vane wheel is supported on the teachometer and brass suport.The direction of the vane wheel axis is the same as the water flow direction .When water flow through the water meter , the vane wheel is driven to rotate ,The rotary speed in driect proopportion to the water flow speed,Bye the worm screw and gear. The counter indicates the total volume of the water passing through the water meter. The counter. The counter of this water meter is needle type or digital type.
Èı¡¢Main properties
a¡¢Water temperature£ºcold water ¡Ü40¡ã hot water ¡Ü90¡ã
b¡¢Nominal pressure:the norminal pressure for the water meter is 1Mpa.

Tchnical indexe

1¡¢Error curve
a¡¢The lower zone fron including the minimum (Qmin) to excluding the transitional flow (Qt)£º¡À5%
b¡¢The upper zone fron including the transitional flow (Qt) to including the maximun flow (Qmax)£º¡À2%
2¡¢Meauring class. The water meters are divided into class A and class B according to the minimum flow and the transition flow.(see the following table)