Ladder water meter

í˘ Function

Ladder water meter is suitable for the userí»s monthly water consumption by the amount of fees and charges to achieve the different prices charged occasion.
This product can be set two water cut-off point of three kinds of water charges. When the userí»s monthly use of water does not exceed the normal cut-off point when the price of water can collect water, when the cut-off point of more than 1 the price of water charged by a higher water cut-off point that month using the water more than 2 pm by a higher water price of water charged to reasonable restrictions on the userí»s water consumption, to conserve water and avoid waste of water resources purposes.
One family, one table one card, both card water, water recorded in the respective card, the number of the table will automatically be off the table after use valve without water, and the user need to re-purchase of water can be re-opened after the water supply valve.

í˘ Features

1, using non-contact IC card proprietary technology, applications wirelessly transmit data to solve a waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-attack problems.
2, micro-power technology: normal power consumption of less than 0.5Ž╠A, so that included greatly improved battery life to ensure that the use of 8 years.
3, the electric suspension valve patented technologies: with anti-lock, non-fouling characteristics, can achieve a small pressure loss, wear and tear is small, power consumption, anti-corrosion, anti-clogging effect.
4, valve automatic sewage, blockades, anti-rust technology: automatic switching valve timing action, the effective use of water caused by pipeline pressure instantaneous momentum, to achieve the automatic sewage valve to prevent valve rust die, scaling phenomena .
5, fully sealed design: All lines had been sealed with epoxy resin, sealing well.
6, anti-wire services, magnetic attack techniques: When the strong from the outside to conduct electricity, magnetism attack, the meter will automatically off valve.