IC Card Water Resources Water Controller

Non-contact IC card water resources, water control for multiple users to share a water meter occasion. Controller used in conjunction with the large water meter, water meter pulses received through the exchange contactor control water pumps, to achieve the right water control. A controller is also available for multiple users to use IC cards, the controller card based on the userí»s information to manage water use to achieve prepaid water, do not pay water bills automatically without water features, efficient use of water to avoid disputes and achieve water conservation .

í˘ main function

1, each user their own IC card holders to use the same controller, the controller usually in a disconnected state, plug in the IC card controller AC contactor pull-in and thus start the pump to start water. Pull out the IC card, disconnect the AC contactor controller, in order to stop pumps, end of the water.
2, the userí»s residual amount of water stored in the respective IC card, when used in a certain amount of water for each use, the controller will automatically be deducted from the card when the card runs out of water when the pump stops. Users need to re-purchase of water before being re-use.
3, each controller can be the use of multiple IC cards supporting time-sharing.
4, can store 600 userí»s recent record, easy to manage.
5, limit the userí»s purchase of water, management more effective, more convenient.
6, pulling cards delay functions: removing card 30 seconds later to stop pumps, 30 seconds, the pump does not stop, and then insert the user card can continue to use to address the pump frequently Kai, stop easily corrupted. (Can be set)