How to Understand Water Meters

Understanding you home¡¯s water meter helps you understand your water bill and control your water consumption. Knowing how water meters work also can help you detect and correct plumbing leaks so you don¡¯t end up paying for leaking water. Newer metric water meters use cubic meters for measurement. If your home has an older water meter, water consumption is measured in gallons.Water meters,Multi Jet Water Meter , Plastic Water Meter , Remote Reading Water Meter

  • Locate your water meter. Household water meters usually are located on the exterior wall of your house, in the basement or within a concrete enclosure along the front curb.

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    Examine the meter¡¯s display. It is similar to the mileage indicator on your car and is read the same way. The total amount of water consumption is displayed to the nearest 1/10 cubic meter. Write down this reading.

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    Read the meter again after one month. For every 100 liters, or 0.1 cubic meters, of water consumed, the meter¡¯s arrow-shaped pointer completes one revolution, and the meter reading increases by 0.1 cubic meters. Each 0.1 cubic meters of water equals 22 gallons.

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    Subtract the original reading from the new reading. This gives you the number of water units consumed by your household in a month. For example, if your original reading was 00018 and the new reading is 02344, the units of water consumed for the month would be 2,326.

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    Find out how much water your specific appliances and household activities consume. Turn off all water faucets, outdoor hoses and appliances that use water. Take a reading from the water meter while no water is being used.

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    Now turn the appliance you want to check, for example, the washing machine. Let the washer complete a cycle. Turn off the water when it¡¯s done. Take a new meter reading. Subtract the first reading from this reading to learn how much water your washer consumed.

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    Detect any leaks in your water system by checking the water meter. Turn off all the water to your facuets and appliances, or turn the water off where the main valve enters the house. Write down the reading on the water meter. Check the meter again after more than an hour has passed. A change in the current reading means you have a water leak somewhere.