How to Turn on a Residential Water Meter

Whether you¡¯re returning from vacation or renting your home to new tenants, knowing how to turn on a residential water meter allows you to supply a structure with water and begin the utility billing process. Turning on a residential water meter is simple and, once you learn how to turn on one water meter, you¡¯ll probably be able to turn on all water meters.Water meters , Single Jet Water Meter , Multi Jet Water Meter , Plastic Water Meter , Remote Reading Water Meter , Woltmann Water Meter , Rotary Postion Water Meter

  • Locate the structure¡¯s water meter. Search the perimeter of the building¡¯s exterior, keeping an eye out for the round, clock-like shape of the water meter. Occasionally, water meters are located within an interior utility closet or a basement. If you cannot find the meter around the outside of the building, including breezeway walls, enter the building and look in closets and basement walls that border the building¡¯s exterior.

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    Locate the main water supply valve. Generally, two supply valves surround a water meter; one valve occurs ahead of the meter on the "supply side" and the other valve, usually called the "main valve" appears on the opposite of the meter. Utility providers typically restrict customers from tampering with the supply side valve. The valve located beyond the meter cuts off or turns on water supply to the entire system and, in turn, stops a water meter from accruing charges. Find the latter valve.

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    Grip the valve¡¯s handle and turn the valve counterclockwise to the on position. If the valve is sticky or corroded, use a rag to protect your hand while you turn.

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    Look at the residential water meter to confirm that it is running