How to Read a Home Water Meter

Once a homeowner understands how to read his water meter, it becomes easy to monitor water bill readings from month to month and calculate gallons consumed for comparison with the utility bill. This way, errors in the billing can be detected.
A typical mechanical water meter is described and pictured below along with instructions on how to read the meter.Water meters , Multi Jet Water Meter , Plastic Water Meter , Remote Reading Water Meter


  • Observe that the water meter has one dial with a sweep hand and scale numbered from 1 to 10. Each revolution of the sweep hand represents 10 gallons of water through the meter.

  • 2

    Refer to the horizontally displayed numbers in the mechanical odometer to read the total revolutions of the sweep hand and the total number of gallons through the meter.

  • 3

    Read the mechanical odometer numbers from left to right. The meter shown in the image reads 369,200 gallons.

  • 4

    Notice that the last number on the far right is fixed at zero. The actual value of this field is shown by the sweep hand, which measures individual gallons. In the meter shown in the photo, the sweep hand reads 6.8 gallons, making the exact number of gallons through the meter 369,206.8.