How to Insulate Your Water Meter for Cold Weather

Although your water meter is underground, it can freeze and break if you dont insulate your water meter before winter sets in. In some communities, you may have to pay the cost of replacing a broken meter if you did not insulate it as instructed by the utility company. Fortunately, its very easy to insulate your water meter with some things you probably have on hand.Water meter, Water meters , Single Jet Water Meter


  • Buy an insulating meter pad if your local lumberyard is selling them. Hardware stores also carry them but most of the time, you can only find them in late fall, just before winter sets in.

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    Locate your meter. Youve probably walked past it hundreds of time, but you might not have opened it. Its like a little manhole, with a cover, either in the front of your yard near the street or in the back - near an alley or an easement.

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    Remove the meter cover and set it aside. Shine your flashlight down into the hole to locate your meter. You may see some beetles scurry quickly away from your light but they wont hurt you.

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    Place the pad or a double-bagged bag of dried leaves or packing peanuts in the hole. The bag should fit easily into the hole, covering the meter entirely and sealing off air around the edges of the bag. If you leave gaps, the cold air can filter down and freeze your meter.

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