High-Sensitivity Water Meter

LXS-15GLM-20GLMHigh-sensitive water meter

LXSF-15GLM-20GLM High Outer covering high keen water meter

LXSG-15GLM-20GLM High-sensitive liquid-sealed water meter

This water meter is the latest product developed by this company .This product is product is provided with the stability and reliabilite of the common water metres , and with very sensitive start flow,up to 2L/h, usually called drop water meter.
The counter is sealed with a special liquid with this water meter, the structure desigin is advanced and reliable, able to keep the dial clean in a long time.
This water meter is the structrue design is advanced and reliable, and with very sensitive start flow.

Technival date

1¡¢Flow bound
a¡¢Maximum flow (Qmax)-top limit flow for the water meter . during the maxi-mum floe, the water can be used only for a short time . b¡¢Nominal flow (Qn)-the flow for a long time . c¡¢Transitional flow (Qt)- the flow for the water meter to be corrected for error. d¡¢Minmum flow (Qmin)-lower limited flow for the water meter . e¡¢Start flow (Qs)=the flow for the water meters to bengin the continuous indication . At this the water meter does not count the error of indicated value .

2¡¢Error curve
a¡¢The lower zone fron including the minimum (Qmin) to excluding the transitional flow (Qt)£º¡À5% b¡¢The upper zone fron including the transitional flow (Qt) to including the maximun flow (Qmax)£º¡À2%

3¡¢Temperature applicable £º0-30¡æ
4¡¢Nominal pressure £º¡Ü1.0Mpa
5¡¢Pressure loss £º¡Ü0.1Mpa