Yuxing Direct Reading Meter

Yuxing direct-reading meter with an absolute encoding method and M-BUS communication to realize a token of direct-reading characters round of data effectively avoid the management door meter reading; no external power supply, and usually in the off state, when communicating the needs of current directly provided by the M-BUS bus. Meter-reading method is more efficient, the data is more accurate, reliable, saving manpower, material and financial resources, while more effectively to improve productivity.


1, single chip design of high reliability, stable operation.
2, fully sealed design, waterproof, and can be soaked in water work.
3, automatic memory yards round of the position, do not initialize.
4, without an external magnetic attack, high anti-interference performance.
5, an effective solution to water meter inverted, water hammer phenomenon.
6, using M-BUS communication interface, communication distance.
7, daily work without power, long service life.

System components:
 system consists of M-BUS Remote water meter, collector, building host, concentrator and the meter reading management software.
 table and the collector with M-BUS bus technology, telecommunications, power supply just two lines, and no need to distinguish between positive and negative polarity, easy installation;
 system adopts three-tier structure, with excellent system scalability, easy management to add new tables;
 meter factory all have a unique ID number, to establish a complete production, commissioning, use and maintenance of records;
 systems management software is completely independent research and development, life-long free upgrade.

"M-BUS Remote water meter meter reading system," collector and the meter two-wire system, non-polar nature of M-BUS bus connection, no battery inside the meter, meter reading, by the M-BUS bus power to the water meter, water through the photovoltaic Direct-reading methods to read encoder value of the window shows, and readings transmitted to the collector.
Collector, building the host and concentrators are built-in multi-channel micro-power embedded wireless module and use of space radio channel for data transmission, wireless networking, to meet different building structures on a simple construction, maintenance quick needs.
Concentrator wireless signal coverage up to a radius of 800 meters, is the meter reading of all meters within the region summary of the data center, using 32M high-capacity disk storage of electronic data, can generate a 60 day freeze on the data and 12 month freeze on the data.
Management Center and concentrators using a remote communication network between the data transmission, such as: GPRS wireless mobile networks, public switched telephone network, LAN, short-range radio mode, RS485 bus methods. Management center can be copied at any time take concentrator in the day to freeze the meter data on the freezing of data and real-time data to facilitate statistical query, print the report.