Anti-drip non-contact IC card water meter


In order to improve measurement accuracy of the product to achieve the effect of dripping water metering, effective curb for "linguistic skills" and result in the loss of water fees and charges receivable department, my company developed the first non-contact IC card water meter measuring water dripping, and guide the water meter area "dripping should also measure "concept. This product starting flow control in 2L / h or less, far higher than the national B-level meter requirements, reached a drip on the measurement results. Not only effectively prevent the user dripping from the phenomenon can not be measured, but also to solve the water meter industry for many years failed to address leakage, water damage and other problems too large for the water industry-wide non-drip measurement, pipeline leakage overload , water suffer losses, metering disputes between users to provide a fair and effective highlighting the measurement tools and technology support are water pipe network, "running, take, drop, and missed" killer.
The meter has an automatic charge for water features, a one table one card, both card water, water recorded in the respective cards in the table to buy water is exhausted, the table will be automatically closed valves without water, and the user need to re-purchase of water re-opened only after the water supply valve.


1, using non-contact IC card proprietary technology, applications wirelessly transmit data to solve a waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-attack problems.
2, the zero-power patented technology: the work of state power flow 0A, ensure that the battery included the use of 8 years.
3, the electric suspension valve patented technologies: with anti-lock, non-fouling characteristics, can achieve a small pressure loss, wear and tear is small, power consumption, anti-corrosion, anti-clogging effect.
4, fully sealed design: All lines had been sealed with epoxy resin, sealing well.
5, starting flow is less than 2L / h.
6, anti-wire services, magnetic attack techniques: When the strong from the outside to conduct electricity, magnetism attack, the meter will automatically off valve.