Home unoccupied meter ye turn? Check that the air was actually getting himself into

The people Ms. Wang: April this year, my brother and sister in law went on to go abroad to visit his son, the house has been unoccupied, home taps are covered with newspaper. But the past few months, water is also transferred, the continuous generation of water, water company water reminders were posted a home. Really odd strange, this is what's wrong ah?

Public: unoccupied house water meter is still transferred

Ms. Wang's brother living in the Village the 5th floor of a cool house in April after leaving the country, the door has been locked and no one to live. August 27, Ms. Wang received a call from a neighbor brother home, "water company posted a reminder, you still owe my brother home water did not settle it." Wang is very strange, a brother is to go abroad in April , and June 14, her brother at home who have to pay a water, then felt wrong, obviously did not live in, how must pay water charges. Unexpectedly, after more than two months and had a water.

On June 14 payment on the invoice says, "water meter code 455 degrees last month, this month, code 463 degrees, 8 degrees copy see water charges 23 yuan." Payment was when Ms. Wang felt, meter reading statistics often lag a few days, probably with his brother before leaving in April, the water is not copied. But to pay the fee in June, August, reminder of how it came? Said total July 4 cubic meters of water, less water and 11.2 yuan. "Odd strange, no doors opened in July, the tap has been closed, which will emerge so much water?" Wang baffled.

Maintenance workers: the air inside the water meter into trouble

Wang called the city water supply line, maintenance man and master Zhang Wang fled home to view. They first opened the iron lid on the ground floor, find the water meter, water meter in a slight rotation. Analysis of them are experienced, if this place pipes repaired, there will be air in pipes, the air moving, move the pointer to follow, water will have degrees.

Subsequently, the two came together in Ms. Wang's brother house 5th floor, tables, sofas, lamps are covered with newspaper, paper and a thick layer of ash, show no long-lived people. Of them are turned on the tap, just listen to "pop - Chi Chi -" Plastic water meters for several sound, emitting a burst of gas first, then out of the yellow water. Master Zhang open for a few minutes, until the water flow within the water was turned off. He explained that the drainage is a drain pipe of the air. If let go even after the water meter and then turn some water. He went downstairs to turn off the meter side of the valve, said this would prevent further air tube.

Water Company: head of household may apply for remission of water charges

Yesterday, the reporter came to her brother with the Single Jet Water Meter Wang family, the meter scale is 474 degrees. Within two months, this unoccupied houses with a 11-degree water. Ms. Wang is worried that if this switch is also after the water meter, then she must continue to pay money wasted.

Reporters call the Water Hotline at 96055, the staff said, long unoccupied house meter will turn, this is a common phenomenon. "Because the pipe with air, water, people do not live long, tube gas flow meter pointer will also turn to drive. Head of the household may apply for a waiver related to water."